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There have been lies told about me…


It’s time I set the record straight about who I AM. 


I AM….. of His image.


I AM….. the standard of beauty.


I AM….. intelligent.


I AM….. educated.


I AM….. creative.


I AM….. good and I AM bad.


I AM….. strong and I AM weak.


I AM….. descended from Kings and Queens.


I AM….. the original.


I AM….. the Mother and the Father of mankind.


I AM….. of the sun.


I AM….. powerful.


I AM….. the magnificent.


I AM…. the manifestation of freedom.


Continue to fear me because you’re right, I AM….. to be feared.


Continue to hate me, but I AM….. love.


Continue to lie, but I AM….. the truth.


Continue to kill me, but I AM…..imperishable.


You have lied to me and you have lied to others about who I AM.


You have written lies in history books.


You have memorialized lies in movies, videos, tv, music, radio.


You have legitimized your lies with your so-called research in science, philosophy, psychology.


You have passed on these lies from generation to generation, from east to west.


NOW I know the truth. I OWN the truth and I am going to tell the truth to my children and to yours.


My children will now know the truth about who they are.


My children will walk in the greatness and the authenticity of who they are.


Listen and watch as my children start to navigate through this world proclaiming…





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